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1 out of every 68 children is diagnosed with Autism Spectrum Disorder (ASD) today. As these numbers continue to rise, experts agree that early intervention and personalized care are crucial to predicting a child’s future success.

Autism From The Start (AFTS) is committed to supporting all early childhood development. We serve as a resource for parents of young children to learn how to promote overall development...well before any concerns arise. If a child begins to show developmental delays or any signs of an autism spectrum disorder, we'll be there for you too. We don't require any diagnosis in order to begin working with children. A combination of prevention and intervention is appropriate for these children. Finally, if an autism spectrum disorder is identified, we are your team of experts and we will develop a personalized Plan of Care designed to reduce the impact of autism and help your child blossom.

Autism From The Start’s intervention services help children from toddlers to school aged children learn important skills such as connecting and communicating with others, playing, and learning.

We combine the expertise of our entire team to create a comprehensive system of supports, so you can rest assured that we will treat the Whole Child, while attending to the Entire Family. Support and guidance are delivered to you and your child both at home and in the one-of-a-kind center, the Autism From The Start Children's House--enabling everyone to make positive changes that yield lasting results.

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