After working closely with families for 17 years, Autism From The Start® founder Dr. Michelle Macrorie recognized the need for a more meaningful approach to helping children and their families. In addition to deserving a timely autism diagnosis and a sound Plan of Care, parents also need an interdisciplinary approach that emphasizes optimistic, whole-family support, and evidence-based treatments that are customized to the child.

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Our goal is to help parents of young children identify autism early and obtain the information, skills, and support needed to help their child thrive developmentally. To achieve this goal, we use a toolbox of evidence-based early intervention services and we deliver our work in a timely manner—with hope, warmth, and support throughout. Let us join you and support you on your journey with autism.

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Autism From The Start’s core values:

orange bullet To maintain a positive take on autism.

It’s not the end—it’s just the beginning!  AFTS offers the warmth and hope parents need by creating family-friendly programs, tools, services, resources, and approaches.

orange bullet To listen and respond to parents.

AFTS makes an autism diagnosis easier by offering an interdisciplinary team of experts, so that parents don’t have to scramble to assemble a team on their own.

orange bullet To partner with parents.

The parent is a child’s first and most influential teacher. AFTS equips parents with practical tools that enable them to connect with their kids right away and contribute to their growth and success.

orange bullet To care for the entire family.

Too often siblings and grandparents are forgotten in the treatment plan following an autism diagnosis. Our approach makes these family members integral to a child’s and family’s success.

orange bullet To partner with the community.

AFTS connects with local pediatricians and preschools to offer developmental screenings, so the earliest concerns are detected and acted upon.

orange bullet To have a keen, narrow focus.

We specialize in toddler and preschooler care in order to capitalize on this pivotal developmental period, when the brain is most amenable to change, growth, and learning.

orange bullet To utilize effective and proven treatments.

We adhere to evidence-based methodologies that are grounded in infant-toddler developmental research.

orange bullet To follow treatment approaches that are developmentally appropriate.

We utilize (and teach parents) strategies that are evidenced-based and designed to work best in teaching toddlers and preschoolers. We understand the importance of creating emotional connections with the child, that children learn through play, and that promoting a child’s initiative is vital in them reaching their full potential.

orange bullet To be innovative.

AFTS believes in an ever-evolving treatment approach that responds to the needs of the families and incorporates the latest discoveries in child development.